Waiting before you affinity, it will be ok.

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Lesson learned, one should wait until a viable amount of data before affinitizing. In an attempt to get some early findings I took two users’ data and started an affinity only to realize when I had a third person’s that I would really have to re-think the groups I made so far. I started grouping the new user’s data and then it hit me that I’m doing the same thing over again… start over… do it again 🙂

Convenience | UX Magazine

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I liked this on Instapaper

Convenience | UX Magazine


SSI – Interaction Design Project

This course project was announced today. Here is a demo video of the Social, Spatial, Interaction (SSI) technology we will design for.

I can’t wait to get started on this!

Nokia Research: Social Spatial Interactions.

Light Up The Plaza – fun with flash

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In the process of building our interface. We decided that a black background would be better since our application will be running in the plaza at night… it should subdue the distracting effect of a computer screen in the plaza.

Untitled from Troy Effner on Vimeo.

Light Up The Plaza – Demo

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Emme giving a fantastic demo of our community building concept in the plaza utilizing lights in the trees.

Art Installation Demo from Troy Effner on Vimeo.

Light Up The Plaza — Interaction layout

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Interaction Matrix sans white board

We re-evaluated our idea of using tweets and changed to being able to control the lights through gestures. This idea continues to incorporate the lights that are traditional in Madeira but allows for people to stand closely to each other. Our system has a screen that gives directions to the participants and facilitates interaction between people.

Interaction Story Board sans white board

Capstone – So close I can smell the user.

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Our capstone project has reached a major milestone. Data Consolidation. We have hung our affinity notes and I’m amazed and excited on how the voice of the user really comes to the front. This takes a lot of work through all of the steps of matching work behavior, naming the sub-groups, column headers and group headers. We’ve made some interesting insights from this data.

One of our subjects tell us: “I stay at the gate in case the flight information changes.” This was going to be put into the category about signage, but it was observed that this type of information is transitory and not a perminant fixture like a bathroom or train station location. We then saw this idea of trust in information come up again in other notes. We have a working theory of who people seek out for particular types of information. It seems that when people are seeking information on fixed objects like bathrooms they will trust anyone, gate changes and boarding changes they seek billboards or cell phones, and finally for any type of transitory information they seek out airline representatives. This is valuable information for when we build our application to engender trust in our data.

Light Up The Plaza – Low fidelity prototype

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This is our low fidelity experience prototype to see how our idea plays out in the classroom. We found from this experience that using twitter to send messages and light up a light was great, but we didn’t have a way to show the lights themselves were linked together in a conversation.